Hello Friends Welcome you all in another intresting article. in this article We will learn everything about the upcoming and another amazing product from Reliance Jio that is “JIO Coin”. yes you read it write “jio coin”. which will going to be an another hit product from the reliance Jio to all of us.

in this article we will learn about the latest updates of jio coin and info like:-

What is Jio Coin?

India’s very own and trusted Telecom company Reliance jio is now planning to launch their own
Crypto Currency Know as “Jio Coin” with the help of these customers can make their digital payments
very easily, comfortabily and securly.

Friends if Jio is planing to bring these Crypto currency , then guys it definetely gonna be an awesome product like the Jio telecom Services which are we using from the past 1.5 years and just loving it. which is why Jio is now one of the leading telecom services provider of the country. this jio Crypto currency will going to be the third Crypto currency after laxmi coin and indicoin which are already in the market.

The Head of Jio’s IT department and son of Mr.Mukesh Ambani “Akash Ambani” belives that Crypto currency is the upcoming future of digital currency. ANd a group of total 55 experienced individual who are brilliant in these Crypto currency are working with him towards the functions of this Crypto currency. and may be in future we can be using these jio coins to purchase jio products.

How the Jio coin will going to work?

The Jio Coin which is a Crypto currency will be based on the Blockchain Technology. like bitcoin and many other Crypto currencies are. as we know the Blockchain is a digital ledger for data storing but not limited to financial tranctaion only. and it has the potential to eliminate huge amount of keeping the records , dispute It and save money in a way that we have never seen before, ever since the internet has arrived.

Blockchain technology is capable to change the IT in a same way that open sources did. the database which this Blockchain System will be managing not only store it on a physical servers but on the cloud server also so that the database can be used easily and their wont be any space limit issue.

Advantages and benefits of Jio coin

Today if we talk about digital payments the main concerned everybody has it about the security of their money. often we have heard about the online payment fraud , online account hack, amount stolen from debit and credit cards. so with these Jio coin which is based on the Blockchain technology uses public or private keys to keep their money safe.

Not only these with Jio coin you can send amount to anyone or payment to any one any country without doing any extra efforts and facing problems.

What is the Launching Date of Jio coin?

So after knowing everything about the new Jio coin and how it gonna work the main question is when the Jio coin is launching? what the launching date? although friends there is no official announcement yet from the Reliance Chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani of the launching date of Jio coin.

And many news channels are speculating that its going to be announce soon. so we have to wait for that announcement to be made for these amazing upcoming Jio Coin.